It’s exciting that we’re starting to open up after our long quarantine and we can get back to riding! Woohoo!

To help you get started again, for a limited time I’m offering a special consulting promotion at 30% off. Send in a short video and I’ll give you feedback and exercises to help you improve your rides.

You can send in anything from a test from a show from last season to bits and pieces of your schooling sessions like the one you see here. Just let me know what you need help with.


I’m offering one-on-one help for those who want private consultations.

Simply send in a 10-minute video of your schooling session. It doesn’t have to be a full ten minutes. It can be UP to ten minutes so don’t feel it has to be a big production. It can simply be a ride from a competition test. Either way we’ll have lots to talk about.
Once I’ve had a chance to review the video, We’ll get on the phone and have a 30 minute consultation where I analyze your ride and give you helpful exercises and tips to improve your ride.

SESSION WITH SUE & ELVIS – Sue sent me the video and I returned the audio critique below the video to her.


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Consultation Fee: $150 $100 SPECIAL
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