From my own experience, I know that consistent coaching and being able to have regular follow-up is essential to your progress as a dressage rider and successfully training your horse.

So I’m working on a special project called the Dressage Mentor Platinum Coaching Club where, through the magic of technology, I can actually teach you dressage lessons in “real time” no matter where you live.

You get help moment to moment as you go through your dressage lesson just like I’m standing in your arena with you.

You’ll never have to leave the comfort and security of your own dressage arena or go through the hassle and expense of organizing a clinic for other riders.

This is a very exclusive program, and you’ll need to apply for a spot because I can only accept 6 people.

You don’t need to be a professional to apply. You just need to be serious, hard working, and willing to do your homework in between lessons.

If you want to know more about these private “virtual” dressage lessons , click the link below or paste it into your browser to get more info.

There is NO obligation to do this. You’ll simply be put on the “more info” list. And ONLY those people on the list will get additional details on the Platinum program in the next couple of weeks including how to apply if they choose to do so.